Espace Polyvalent - Saint-Georges

Pigalle - Saint-Georges, Paris
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450 m2


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

This space is located in the bohemian district of Saint-Georges, within walking distance of the legendary Moulin Rouge cabaret, making it an ideal destination for events. This multipurpose space will work well for those looking to organise an art exhibition, a yoga workshop, a photo shoot or a press day. Roomy and bright and with very high ceilings, the space is spread out over four floors and includes several separate and connecting rooms. The décor is simple and each individual space is sparsely furnished: white ceilings and walls, neon lights and wood or grey vinyl floors. There is at least one large bay window in each room, letting in plenty of extra sunshine. Head up to the fourth floor and you’ll find a concert hall with a balcony. This space is close to popular restaurants, boutiques and theatres, including the Théâtre des 2 Ânes. Located on a busy one-way street, the space is a few minutes’ walk from both Place de Clichy and Blanche tube stations.

1 week minimum booking
2150 day
15000 week
23530 month
Amenities (9 available)
Wheelchair accessible
Fitting rooms
Home truths

Even though they are hidden in the main rooms, the electric cables are sometimes visibles.

Space rules

Pricing on this space varies as follows. All prices exclude tax. - Per day (9.00 - 19.00) Full space: €6000. Ground floor: €2000 (+ €1500 for one more floor / €2500 for two more floors) - Per week: €35000 for the full space. - Fashion Week: €40000, minimum 10 days + €1000 management fee

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