The world’s leading marketplace to rent space

The world’s leading marketplace to rent space

About Appear HereAppear Here brings together a community of brands, entrepreneurs and creatives to space in the world's best cities

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MissionTo create a world where anyone with an idea can find space to make it happen

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We started with a little store for the Queen

They say you should practice what you preach, so before we set up Appear Here we set up shop.

During the summer of 2012 Ross and a friend had an idea to launch a brand, just in time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Two weeks after the initial spark, the doors for an empty shop in Marshall Street opened. Rock & Rule appeared in London selling limited edition t-shirts and apparel, inspired by the Queen - with a rebellious kick.

As well as people coming in for the Lizzy inspired t-shirts, many simply came to talk about the shop space. It quickly became clear that Ross wasn’t the only one who wanted to rent a short-term space. So when Rock & Rule shut up shop a few days later, Ross decided to put his share of the profit into launching Appear Here.

Fast forward to today: Appear Here has been chosen by international brands, independent designers and ambitious start-ups.

Big or small they all share the ambition, like Rock and Rule, to find an empty space, share an idea and start a journey.

TodayWe power more ideas across the world than anyone

Our teamFrom a high school dropout with a big idea, we’re a motley crew to say the least

Victoria Stevenson
Brand Concierge
If you did a pop up, what would it be?

Down-time is hard to indulge in when living in the hustle and bustle of London. I'd love to open my own pop-up that encourages you to recharge your batteries with home baking, vintage clothes shopping, and live music - a residential hub where you can relax with a slice of cake, browse the vintage items, and enjoy local live music (perhaps with a glass of wine, too!)

Where would it appear?

I'd place my pop-up in a beautiful, family-friendly area such as Unit 7, The Studios in Holloway, to provide the local community with a relaxing and fun space, without venturing into central London at all.

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