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If nothing else, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights are easy on the eyes. Perched on the East River, this Brooklyn neighborhood looks back at Lower Manhattan and fills the frame with public art and famous bridges. The idyllic Brooklyn Bridge Park composes the waterfront, where a stream of fitness enthusiasts and weekend adventurers enjoy the fresh air against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers.

In true Brooklyn fashion, Dumbo serves as a hub for makers and startups. At happy hour, you’re as likely to overhear a conversation about the latest in solar technology as one about contemporary art movements or the best way to sell vintage rugs online. New ideas are the drumbeat in Brooklyn, and Dumbo is where people go to bring them to life – in a setting that’s nothing short of inspirational.

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Word on the street

You'll find me here almost every week at the flea market selling my jewelry.
Anisya, Flee Market Manager
The river, shops and boutiques are the best bits of Dumbo, it has it's own special charm.
Nomi, Marketer
I come here to stroll along the front, it's impossible to get bored of the NY skyline.
Luke, Bartender

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