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The Somerset city packed with culture and alive with ideas

Beauty, history, natural springs – Bath has it all. It was the Celts who first discovered the city’s healing springs, but it was the Romans who built the city walls and the baths themselves, helping this spa town flourish. Fast-forward to Georgian Britain and the magnificent Royal Crescent was built, cementing Bath’s reputation for world-class architecture.

So. That’s why it’s famous and why it looks so lovely. But what’s happening today? Bath is great for packing plenty into a small city, and with 3.8 million annual visitors it’s ideal for getting new ideas in front of tourists from around the world. Locals love SouthGate too, an indoor-outdoor shopping centre that gives visitors brand names plus a more scenic way to shop.

And then there’s all the great places to eat and drink: such as The Chequers, The Raven and Sub 13. Or grab a show at Theatre Royal – because there’s always a dose of culture just round the corner in Bath.

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The People

Word on the street

Bath is small so you get a lot of variety within the city in terms of its people. Everything is nearby so I don't ever have to walk too far.
Mimi, Student
It's a beautiful place trying to catch up with other fashionable cities. Bath is well cultured and interesting if you're willing to explore it's side streets
Adam, Sales Associate
Bath is really easy going, there's loads to do here with all the shops in one place and the architecture is great
Molly, Student

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