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Shards of glass and metal mark out London's financial capital

Whilst being one of London's oldest destinations, here grand colonnade banking halls sit in the shadows shiny glass skyscrapers. London's new pillars of power. These modern office blocks punctuate the streets and house some of the World’s wealthiest businesses. On sunny days they glint wickedly in the light

This is a high octane destination, where time is of the essence. In the mornings, city workers surge through the streets: coffee in hand, fuel for the day. The lunch hour is a big and boisterous business with the local pubs and restaurants full to the brim with big corporates and their clients. Evenings in the City are boozy to say the least. This is where the day’s deals are finalised over “another round?” in the bar.

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Great energy, great architecture. That's what I love about the city centre.
Alex, digital media business owner
This is where all the money is. It's a powerful, historic area with a great mix of people.
Van, investment manager
This is the heart and pulse of the city. All the power brokers and decision makers are here.
Ian, shoemaker

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