How to produce and design an eye-catching experiential space

12 Sep 2017

Creating an experiential space in retail has become a phenomenon over the past few years. It’s now the go-to PR and marketing strategy for many brands and artists to help create a buzz around launches or new concepts and ultimately, increase sales. The challenge now lies more on getting engagement and loyalty with new customers or fans. The key is to create 360 impactful experiences that surpass the expectations of everyone.

Pop Up Mob’s work ethic, consisting on a non-plan-model to follow, has lead us to see each project as a blank canvas where we can create, experiment, and push our boundaries – at such extent, that for us the possibilities are endless – a huge factor that has definitely set us apart from the rest of the agencies.

Our overall philosophy sits very much in line with Doug Stephens’ – retail industry futurist – recent output on the market in a post-digital world when speaking with Business of Fashion: “My advice to retailers is to stop thinking “stores” and start thinking stories. Stop thinking “product” and start thinking productions”.

ASAP Rocky x Guess
ASAP Rocky x Guess

The Sky is the Limit

We’re keen to innovate, but most of all we never take no for an answer. As important it is to understand the brand’s goal through a pop-up, as well as its budget – we always tend to go beyond the client’s initial concept. As an experiential marketing agency we are more informed of what is happening within the industry, and it’s our duty to propose various concepts and scenarios that will instantly elevate the pop up’s shopping experience to a complete new level, in the most organically form possible.

Make it Artsy

Collaborate, every single time. The product itself it’s just not enough anymore. When conceptualizing a space, the overall goal is to transmit the values and essence of the brand through multiple platforms that will compliment the product itself. By collaborating with fellow artists whether it’s an on-site performance, a live art intervention, or a cutting-edge installation – aim to create a full 360º production that the customer will remember, and an experience that they will relate to the brand in the future. We recently collaborated with studioSPACEnyc for A$AP Ferg x UNIFORM pop up in SoHo, in New York. Their team has a deep space sensitivity, and understands how to merge physical and digital worlds by creating interactive art installations that transform any given space to challenging and eye-catching scenarios.

A$AP Ferg pop-up
A$AP Ferg

The Tech Way

Consumers have no idea how much and how rapid the shopping experience is about to evolve. A top requisite nowadays is to implement tech throughout the pop-up, not only in terms of logistics but to integrate it within the overall design as well. The retail tech industry is constantly evolving and is giving us new ways to interact with audiences. That’s why partnering with a tech company and using its customizable programs and devices, is crucial to creatively elevate the pop up experience, and of course to smartly direct the brand into what the future of retail beholds. For instance, we are currently working on an upcoming retail pop up where Samsung’s mirrored interactive screens, and 3D tablets will be available for consumers to explore within the new collection. Consequently these will elevate the shopping experience, whilst they cohesively enhance the overall aesthetic as well.

Make it Shareable

We believe by now we all know what this implies – yet it’s still surprising how many brands do not understand the potential of social media and how to maximize their messaging through this outlet. We do encourage at every pop-up –before, during and even after – to share it all. Consumers look forward to being part of all the touchpoints and brand’s lifestyle, so it’s important to create a fun, edgy, and even controversial pop up experience that will make people want to share with their followers. Not to mention the instant buzz that this entails. To shift this memorable experience, our go-to is The Bosco, a company that has shifted the state of art photo installations with amusing and inciting photo and GIF booths that will not let the essence of the moment to escape.

Chila Bags
Chila Bags

Word Creative

Knowing the impact words have and how to use them in your favor is priceless, and let’s just say witty it’s Pop Up Mob’s last name. Our brainstorming sessions are hands down one of the processes we enjoy the most -there is where magic starts, and most of verbal concepts emerge. We have successfully experimented in recent pop ups ways to transmit the brand’s essence with catchy phrases, stats and numbers through vinyl’s, video projectors and more.. Yes, a very literal, but effective form of educating and giving visitors a better understanding of the brand identity. A must, of course, is that these are always unified organically with the pop up design, and foremost used as a way to enhance it. We could say witty is definitely Pop Up Mob’s last name, and our brainstorming sessions are hands down one of the processes we enjoy the most.

Two Realities Ahead

We are always two steps ahead, but apparently what’s needed now is to be two realities ahead – literally. The future is already here and we’re about to experience it in dimensions that promise to change the way we interact. Augmented and virtual reality, are the products to invest in if you are looking to lead the industry when it comes to innovative ways to engage consumers. Overall, the key factor is to understand where are we heading, without jeopardizing the heritage and the brand’s nature.

Chila Bags

Written by Hanna Cohen, Pop Up Mob's Content Director