The Five at Five: Natasha Blake

14 Jul 2022

From hidden-gems to places to people-watch, from bookshops to beauty spots – here is some inspiration, celebrating the independents in our local neighborhoods around the world.

This week’s selection has been curated by Natasha Blake, the creative behind South London’s Fuego Nails. ‘B.A.D Nails for Bad Bxtches’ reads her website’s landing page, which not only outlines her handy work – pun intended – but also highlights her collaborative projects such as ‘Las Mujeres de Fuego’, a short film published on Dazed that celebrates female empowerment in mythology.

Natasha Blake

“I’ve always been an artist, ever since I can remember,” states Natasha. “I’ve studied and practised it since school. But for me, I knew I wanted my art to be wearable.”

Natasha Blake


“My favorite bar would definitely be Bar Marsella, it’s the oldest bar in Barcelona and still serves absinthe the traditional way. The decor has been kept the same all these years and you can still see the dust on the old liquor bottles; there are no windows, just walls and open space. Picasso, Dali, and Hemingway were some of its frequent visitors.”

Natasha Blake


“Funnily enough, probably Queens, where I work on Rye Lane. We have a big glass shop front and after back-to-back clients I find myself just zoning out on the sofa watching the different characters that pass by.”

Natasha Blake


“Favourite bookshop would probably be Treadwell’s or Le Flaneur in Amsterdam. Both are very rich in esoteric books.”

Natasha Blake


“A hotel where my family lives in Estepona, Spain. It’s called H10 and has the best spa and beauty services.”

Natasha Blake


“Probably Rome or Mexico City, the vintage stores in Rome are insane and Mexico has the best deadstock from the 90's I've found.”