The most common mistakes every pop-up makes

13 Sep 2016

When it finally comes to setting up your pop-up, you’ll feel like you know your idea inside out - and hopefully you won’t have too much left to do.

But beware: even the slickest of productions will experience a hiccup or two. The difference between a small problem and a big disaster just comes down to whether you left yourself a suitable margin for error.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes people make, from not installing Wi-fi to forgetting to do any PR, and how to avoid them.

The Beginning and The End

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The setup always takes longer than you expect.
Leave more time than you think you need. Then double it. Make sure you’ve factored setup and breakdown time into your dates. Often tenants book for a week, but then want to gain access the day before, which landlords won’t always allow.

The inevitable missing package.
As well as allowing extra time for set-up, allow extra time for deliveries to be delayed. More often than not, they will be. Keep tabs on when all your deliveries are estimated to arrive, along with the relevant contacts, so you’re quick to react if something goes AWOL.

Don’t let the minor details slip you up.
Do you know where to dispose of your trash? And what about Wi-fi? It’s often a good idea to do a walk-through of everything you will do while you’re in the shop. Make a foolproof list, so you know you have all corners covered.

The In-Store Details

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Don’t leave the design until the last minute.
Too often pop-ups don’t get their designs to the landlord in time. Landlords have the right to reject your design if it doesn’t meet their standards, which can mean disaster if you don’t have enough time to make amends.

The full package.
Have you thought about how to package your product? You need decent (or better yet, amazing) packaging for your customers to take your product away in. Your pop-up only has a short time to impress - so it’s ALL in the details.

Don’t forget your window displays.
Passing foot traffic will be one of your main chances to attract new customers. Make sure your window display is the first thing you think about – not the last. And always recheck the size of your vinyls and window display when you order them – this is a really common mistake.

Promoting Your Pop-Up

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Like it or loathe it, social media is essential.
There are a few simple details that can make a huge difference to the visibility of your pop-up online - which can translate to offline foot traffic. In the lead up, reach out to influencers and local businesses, create a hashtag, and a facebook book incite. Don’t forget to tag everyone in your posts. Simple, easy – and effective.

Never underestimate the importance of launch events
This is another great way to engage the local community, and if you’re lucky, get the right influencers talking about your pop-up. It doesn't have to be big, breakfast or small drinks will do, but it helps build the buzz and build your brand’s credibility.

Tell people in the local area before hand that you’re coming.
Either in person, or by leaving flyers and promotional material in local cafes and shops. This is a really simple way to drive local traffic to your store. Additionally, if your shop is tucked away, a well placed A-board can make all the difference to the number of visitors you get.

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