Boutique Villemin

République - Canal Saint-Martin, Paris

37 m2


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

Famous as the setting for cult film Amélie, the Canal Saint-Martin attracts both tourists and locals to stroll along its water's edge. Or dine at one of the popular restaurants lining the canal path. If you're looking for a relaxed, boho atmopshere to complement your idea then this could be the place to launch it. This bijou boutique opens directly onto the street and inside features high ceilings, a double window to let in plenty of light and several adjoining rooms. It's a great place to create a compelling story for your brand – as visitors move further into the building to discover more products and ideas. The space sits opposite the entrance to the Jardin Villemin park, a five-minute walk from Gare de l'Est station. This street is mixture of commercial properties and residences. It may not be a main road, but it's home to a selection of popular local shops. Plus, the much-praised restaurant Les Enfants Perdus nearby can always be relied upon to draw in the crowds.

110 day
730 week
2950 month
8850 quarter
Amenities (10 available)
Fitting rooms
Home truths

This is an interesting layout, but be careful not to clutter the space.

Space rules

Special rate will apply during all the main events taking place in the French capital such as the Paris Fashion week.

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