Centre Commercial Paul Doumer - Unit G


873 m2


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

With an annual turnover of 40 million euros, the Paul Doumer Shopping Centre benefits from being in a central location in the heart of historic Caen. Big brands like Fnac and Chevignon have already taken advantage of the opportunity – and now it’s your turn with this available retail space. This is a big space which needs a big idea to fill it. It also needs decorating first – as it’s currently in a raw state. However, this space is set to become one of the shopping centre’s main attractions, stretching over two floors. There’s a mix of retail, storage and office space available on site and a lift between both floors. The centre of Caen is dynamic, with a big park, historical monuments and an iconic French department store close by. Because the shopping centre is quite small, it shouldn’t be too hard getting locals talking about the big new idea that’s just popped up.

1 week minimum booking
564 day
3950 week
17117 month
51350 quarter
205400 year
Amenities (2 available)
Security shutters
Stock room
Wheelchair accessible
Home truths

This is a big space and will requires some work before reopening.

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