London City Airport DLR – Experiential Space

Royal Docks, London
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22 sqft


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

The only London airport in London, City Airport is the most convenient gateway to the continent. It gets more and more people using it each year, and 2017 saw over four million people passing through its DLR station. Rent this pop-up experiential space in the station's ticket hall (next to the ticket office) and you could get your brand noticed by thousands of frequent flyers a day.

2590 day
Amenities (1 available)
Wheelchair accessible
Home truths

This is a unique ground-level space inside the ticket hall of the station. Brands must provide and set up their own promotional equipment.

Space rules

Maximum of 3 people allowed. No parking at the station, there are severe restrictions due to airport security. No power. No storage available. There are spaces for product but it would have to be manned. All concepts must abide by advertising standards. RAMS, PLI, etc. will be required. Volume Discounts: Bookings over £50,000: 5% Bookings over £100,000: 10% Discounts apply to single bookings only.

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