Noir Gaazol Tricycle

République - Canal Saint-Martin, Paris
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3 m2


Bar & Restaurant


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A little about this space

Ideal for F&B or capsule ideas, this tricycle shop is a refreshing way to grab attention on the streets of Paris. Why not introduce your brand in an original way here? Despite its vintage look, this shop-on-wheels is a modern way to retail. At 3m² space it's modular and functional: with room to give visitors a taste of what you’re about. As well as renting the vehicle (which includes someone to drive for you), you can also hire an experienced seller to draw people in. Ideas in food, drink, accessories, tech or brand experience would work well in this space. This is an electric tricycle which can be powered around the city. Use it to test new markets, appear in new places, or get closer to your target audience.

200 day
Amenities (2 available)
Wheelchair accessible
Home truths

It’s a good idea to get approval from all necessary authorities before you park up in a new location.

Space rules

The price includes a driver for the bike ( from 9.00 - 18.00). The tricycle has permission to park on the outskirts of Paris markets, or circulate just outside your shop or event. For more information, please ask your concierge.

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